Jun 04
Ahoy Mateys!!!
Better late than never... yarr....
Ye all may (or may not) be knowing of new pets here in the spiral...
Like this strange character here, my isn't he a charming fellow?
Still not quite sure what he seems so unhappy about.. hmmm
I see a few rather dangerous new sharks about too!
Until I catch me a few (and believe me I have me nets out!) I recommend you have a look see at the Crownshop, which has them ready to hatch. Once I catch a few of these fishy fellows, i'll be giving them away in a contest!
And don't ya know it, I found a rather isolated "bay" ta fish in, the fish in this bay have been known to come along with crowns packages... GO FIGURE!
Stay tuned, I should have more details on what pets can be had here, soon!

Dr. Zeppers

written by Dr. Zeppers