Jul 22
Well mateys!!! The contest is moving along well, seems thar be a lot of you pirates after these pets! I would like to thank Kings Isle for showing me contest and video on the Pirate101 launcher, that were fantastic!!! What Can These New Creatures Be? has received over 5500 views, and is moving! I see thar be yet another new pet, interesting fish, another shark.. shocking eh? Well this one be! It be the Stormtiger Shark mateys! har! Gonna have to see if I can wrangle myself up one O these fer me collection. If ye be interested, check out the crown shop in game, I think they have a whole school they caught up in their nets they wouldnt mind a sellin.

Keep the wind at yer backs mateys!!!

Oh, and it not be too late if ye havent entered the contest/raffle...
Just click HERE.

written by Dr. Zeppers