Aug 14
Hello Pirate101 fans!
Ye may or may not know, but Test Realm be up and KI has some great stuff in store for us.
Aye, sure it need a bit O polishin, but thats why it be in test realm mateys!.

So if yer inclined to ride the test sky ways, and have a membership, or have made a purchase in the last 30 days, head on over to the test realm and give it a whirl!

Lots of new stuff..

Ye can change yer flags now! and see what your companions will look like while designing!
Don't like those eyepatchs? We'll thar be earrings to try if yer so inclined!
A new dungeon for the big pirates... ;) (The Tower of Moo Manchu)
Revamping of cool ranch, including a stagecoach to get you from skyway to skyway faster.
Dubloon trading, and Much Much more!!!

Be sure to read the Update Notes for the full details on this Test Realm Update.

Now get to it mateys! Heres some helpful "test realm" info fer ye!!!
- This Test Realm is available to Members with an Active Membership.
- This Test Realm is also available to Crowns Players who have made a purchase of $6 or more in the last 30 days.
- This Test Realm is NOT available to Free to Play Players.
If you meet these qualifications, log into the website and look for the Sneak Peek flag under the "My Account" Icon so you can download the Test Realm.
Dr Zeppers

written by Dr. Zeppers