Jun 30
Well things have been real slow here. I mean stopped. Sorry mateys, just the wind had left ole Zeppers sails. I was stuck in the pirate doldrums. However...Now we have an update! A very short ending chapter to our story. More to come? Well, that's been put in our hands it seems. The game definitely needs a bit of love. From us fans, and from KI to get it moving.

Anyhow... Valencia 2. I found it fun, but a few battles a bit more of a challenge than I would prefer. I recommend any pirates out there that set it aside, give it another try! See the fascinating close to arc 1. Which does leave a lot of questions still, which will hopefully be explored in future updates.

Avast Mateys, give it a try if ye haven't played in awhile because its a lot of fun!

Dr. Zeppers

written by Dr. Zeppers